Handmade Haven at War Eagle Craft Fair

Posted by Mel Lockcuff on Fri, Oct 17, 2014

War Eagle Craft FairOctober 16th-19th marks a much-anticipated annual event at War Eagle Mill, just outside Rogers. War Eagle Fair has been a fall event since 1954. Bringing in both vendors and visitors from all across the U.S., it’s literally the mother of all craft shows. Along with the War Eagle Fair, War Eagle Mill also hosts the Sharp Show and the War Eagle Mill Crafts Fair…three events in one!

‘Course visiting a craft fair is made even better when visiting with friends. Jaden and I met up with Laurie, a really good friend of mine, and her granddaughter. We had a great time walking through tent upon tent of handmade exhibits.

On the Mill side of the bridge were several tents filled with handmade crafts, as well as antiques. Anyone who knows me knows that where there’s an antique, I’m sucked in like nobody’s business. Such was the case, as we browsed through booths filled with vintage items, from old coffee cans to antique furniture, old shutters, old crates and drawers, baskets, and more. Amidst all of the tents were concession stands filled with all sorts of goodies. Kettle corn seemed to be the snack of choice. As we neared the Mill, we found an artisan cheerfully carving away, creating his own work of art. Music played on the porch of War Eagle Mill…a bluesy, soulful type of music.   

 War Eagle Craft Fairwar eagle craft fair

As we crossed the bridge over War Eagle Creek, I noticed people of all ages sitting along the banks of the river, resting in the shade from all of their shopping. I could almost imagine families back through the years, enjoying a picnic on the banks of War Eagle Creek … traditional dress, kids playing, adults resting after a long week of work. It was like a looking glass into the past. 

Across the bridge, we grabbed a bite to eat and set out to explore more tents and buildings filled with handmade goodness. From holiday items to jewelry, leather goods, food items, candy (like yummy homemade peanut brittle), beautiful bird houses, wood signs with beautiful quotes, furniture, artwork, pottery, cutting boards, home and kitchen tools, folk art, candles, soaps, gorgeous stained glass, toys, and more … there’s something for absolutely everyone in each tent. 

War Eagle Craft FairAs we browsed, we’d notice things that stuck out to us. I found a sign with a quote that my grandmother used to say to me all the time; she’d even begun to make a baby quilt, with that exact saying on it, for my oldest before he was born. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to finish it before she died. I have the unfinished quilt tucked away in a special place. Of course, I couldn’t resist buying that sign, which I’m hoping will hang proudly in our living room soon. Jaden found beautiful bubble wands to play with, learning how to make lots of bubbles.

All in all, we had a great time. We couldn’t have asked for a warmer, more beautiful day for an outdoor craft show.

Things to Know Before You Go

War Eagle Craft FairThe fair is free, but parking is not; you’ll be asked to pay $3-4 for parking. They do have an ATM machine on site, so if you don’t have cash or check for that item that’s caught your eye, no worries. Food is abundant, but I’d recommend bringing water and snacks; it gets pretty warm roaming the tents, so staying hydrated is a must. A Package Checkstand is available, so if you don’t want to drag purchased items along with you, this is a great option (and it’s free). 

Going between Fairs requires crossing the wooden bridge in groups, alternating with cars crossing back and forth. Porta-Potties are everywhere, so there’s always a restroom close by. Traffic can be an issue, so plan accordingly with plenty of time for traffic jams.

Hours for the Fair are Thursday through Saturday, 8am-5pm and Sunday, 8am-4pm. Visitors can purchase breakfast as early as 6:30am. 

Have you visited War Eagle Fair? What did you think about it? Did you find something special?

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