Bikers of all sorts will love visiting Rogers!

Posted by Jamie Smith on Fri, Sep 23, 2016


Traveling on two wheels — whether on a bicycle or a motorcycle — is rapidly becoming a popular mode of both transportation and recreation in the United States, and Rogers is the perfect place for bike enthusiasts of all kinds to visit.  

My first thoughts go to motorcycles, but that’s probably because we are coming up on the annual Bikes Blues & BBQ event Sept. 21-24. “Bikes Blues” as most locals call it, brings about 300,000 bikers from all over the country to Northwest Arkansas. Most of the three-day event is in nearby Fayetteville, but it’s now so big that related events are found all over Northwest Arkansas.

I already have friends from various parts of the country revving up for this event, including many Northwest Arkansas locals visiting the highly popular Pig Trail Harley Davidson in Rogers. In fact, two different neighbors just bought new-to-them bikes! The bike shop has great events planned for Bikes Blues and is a fun place to visit even if you aren’t here for BBBBQ. You can try out bikes of all types, purchase authentic biker apparel, and get your existing bike fixed if it needs it during your trip.

Not into motorcycles? That’s OK! Rogers has more than plenty available for bike enthusiasts, including miles of jogging/bike trails. Rogers is part of the Razorback Greenway, which is a trail that stretches from Bella Vista to south Fayetteville. With Rogers being pretty much between those spots, you have your choice of directions to follow!

Rogers has a gem that you really can’t find most places anywhere in the country. The Railyard is just about a year old and is Rogers’ very own natural surface bike park that has various elements allowing riders of any skill level to enjoy the park. The Railyard is also connected to about 10 miles of off-road trails and will also be connected to the hard surface trails at Lake Atalanta once renovations are done at that park.  

Need a new bike or maybe supplies? Places like GPP Cycling or Lewis and Clark can set you up with what you need.

So, what’s your speed? Do you love the roar of a motorcycle engine or do you prefer a leisurely bike trail ride on a bicycle? Plan your next fun getaway to Rogers for fun and relaxation!

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