Rogers Running Trails: The Best Locations For A Run Around Rogers

Posted by Jamie Smith on Wed, Nov 11, 2015

People visiting Rogers for business or pleasure won’t have to give up their running routines. In fact, they may discover a renewed joy in the exercise as they experience the beauty and variety that Rogers’ running trails offer.

To be honest with you, I’m not a runner. I walk my dogs on various paths but I don’t run. That said, I have many friends who are runners and I sought their advice on where to go for a jog. They had great suggestions for runners who visit Rogers. I also asked advice from managers at Rush Running and New Balance, which are both “must stops” for avid runners visiting the area.

Here’s what I learned: Rogers is rich with both urban and off-road trails.

Razorback Greenway — The most popular trail is the Razorback Greenway, which you can take north to Bella Vista or south to Fayetteville. The paved path has a growing number of offshoots so you can vary the run a little bit every day.

City parks — Rogers has parks throughout the city that offer running trails of various lengths. Some are small loops where you can do multiple laps to lengthen your run. Others offer a bit more strenuous workout. Some popular trailheads include Cambridge Park and Tower Park.

Race routes — We have a growing number of 5Ks offered in Rogers and many include race routes near Pinnacle Hills Promenade. You obviously won’t be able to run in the road on the average day, but I suggest two things: check out this race website to see if there will be a 5K in Rogers while you’re visiting, and use the sidewalks along the race routes for days when there isn’t a 5K.

High school tracks and cross country fields — After 4 p.m., you can use the cross-country field and high school track for running.

Hobbs State Park — While most of the preferred trails are paved, a growing number of runners enjoy the off-road trails at Hobbs State Park. They are well-marked and present a bit of an extra challenge.

Lake Atalanta — Unfortunately, Lake Atalanta is closed for the season as the city does some renovations. When it reopens, I’m sure it will continue being one of the most popular and picturesque spots for runners in Rogers.

Where are some of your favorite running spots in Rogers?

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